Our Customers


Over the past year, we have received orders from all 50 states and 18 foreign countries (listed in blue). Thank you for sharing your testimonials with us and for spreading the word about our products !! If you know of someone that needs our products to prevent razor bumps or bikini bumps, please tell them about us. Thank you.


In the United States

  Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
  Alaska Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
  Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
  Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
  California Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
  Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
  Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
  Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
  Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
  Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

Outside the United States

  Australia Bahamas Bahrain Brazil Denmark
  Canada England France Germany Ireland
  Iran Iraq (Post War) Israel Jamaica Netherlands
  Scotland Spain New Zealand Cyprus Senegal
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