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  I tell folks all the time about the product. I plan on pushing it on my friends even more. (Used Magic because I could not use a razor) Nothing has ever come close to working for me before this product. Keep up the good work!  

I purchased a few weeks ago the whole shaving kit. Thank you very much, it works exceptionally for me. Now I'm almost out of the towelettes and need some more. Do you have the same package still, or is there now a different product replacement?

Darian L
Aurora, IL

  Fritz S
Laguna Woods, CA

I will tell you this, your Slick! provided me the best shave I have ever had.  I will definitely recommend your products. Are there any plans for wider release in VA?  Good luck with your products.  They are tremendous.
My wife and I received your samples on Friday.  I started using them on Sunday.  So far all I can say is WOW!  My wife noticed a difference after just one shave and so did I.  My wife has the full system and I am using Slick and Smooth.  At the end of the week I will send you a write up about my observations in using your product, but so far all I can say is where can I buy this stuff?

Stone Ridge, VA

Everything is great. I especially like the shaving gel. Now the big question is how do I go about ordering it?
  Les C
Nashville, TN

J Perlin
Mechanicsville, VA

I've honestly never had a smoother shave.  It actually makes me want to shave everyday.  My wife also has positive things to say.  She's never had trouble shaving her legs but she said your product is an improvement.
  I had started to grow a little beard and decided to get rid of it.  So I used your shaving gel and I loved it...It worked really well and there was no irritation. 

R Cardone
Itasca, IL


C Warfield
Washington, DC

I like the way my skin feels after I shave - it's smoother and feels better, not as dried out.  The anti-razor bump cream is good too.
Mr. Woods sent us a musical testimonial...click here to listen.

J Christians
Peoria, IL


Clayton D Woods, Sr
Baton Rouge, LA

I've been cutting hair for over 50 years.  I didn't believe anything could prevent razor bumps but I've been using Shaver's Choice on my customers - young men who bumped up every time they shaved now shave with a razor without any bumps.  Thank you for helping me and my customers out.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your products. I, like many African-American men have tried many different products that "supposedly" treat razor bumps and ingrown hairs.  However, I am proud to say that Shaver's Choice is by far THE GREATEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER TRIED. It was introduced to me at the Los Angeles Black Business Expo.Very simple concept, yet VERY EFFECTIVE. Thanks!!!!

Earl Trigg
Trigg's Barbershop
Jackson, MS

Andre Lewis
Irvine, CA
  Michael,  At O' Dark-thirty this morning I got the best shave of my life.  Great products.  
I took these products to Iraq with me and everyone I gave it to loved the shave.  Great products for men & women of all races.
  Col Terry F (USAF Ret)
Fairfax, VA
  D. R., Buyer

Thank you very much for the product. I must say it worked wonders, and I am grateful for your product. I am a professional model and ended up with a rash on the back of my neck due to an allegic reaction to a razor, your product cleared my neck up so fast that I was able to make all my photo shoots. Thank You...
  Mike, this is the best stuff (shave gel) I've ever used. How do i get it? This would make great Christmas gifts.
  Ernest T. Pierce
Chicago, IL
  J. Ellison
Birmingham, AL

Iíve tried the product and it feels great...I hope everything continues to work well for you and your company.
(A note from Shaver's Choice:  Visit Indra Salon at 30 W 39th St in Manhattan to get a free 'kit' of Shaver's Choice when you purchase a haircut and shave.)


I have the keloids which comes from years of skin irritation from the razor bumps and eventually it gets to the stage of Keloids.  With your product I've found that it is softening the Keloids and the hairs that have been trapped for years are growing out and thus reducing the size of the Keliod.  I've never had hair to grow Out of my keloids, its amazing how my skin is adjusting to your product.

E. Bramble
Ultimate Sensations Salons, NYC


Jarrett Ali Boyd
Broadway and Opera musical Actor, NYC


I have the most sensitive skin and have tried everything from Gilette Sensitive to Aveno Shave, all which are very subpar for the sensitivity I have. After trying Shaver's Choice, I've now found that perfect formula to get the smoothest and most harmless shave. It also smells great and is very affordable.

I've been shaving with irritation and razor bumps as long as I can remember.  I've tried everything to remedy the situation.  I've been using your shaving system for 4 days now and I've already had dramatic results.  Thank you for producing this miracle product. Hey, I'm a banker by trade, let me know if I can be of service.
  Stuart, So Cal  

W. Watson, Madison, MS

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'm a black man of 43 yrs of age I have never been able to shave without razor bumps. and I've try almost everything on the market. Magic shave, Air shave, clippers (still had ingrown hairs sometimes) razors and nothing worked liked they promised. So over the years looking at other peoples face's black, white, red, yellow or polka dot I always longed for a product that would allow me to shave (at least every-now and then) like other people. Well GOD blessed both of us, because I can now shave when-every I need to. Today, tomorrow It does not matter. I actually look forward to shaving. No I enjoy shaving. I normally do not write to companies about there products, but every home that has a razor I believe would greatly appreciate your product. I've told my son's and anybody who will listen about your product. I personally recommend this product for anyone who shaves. Just test try a small area on your face (neck) and you'll see for yourself. So let me close in saying thank GOD and thank you and your staff for this wonderful product.
I tried the Shavers' Choice cream for approximately one month. I had some hair bumps under my chin which really bothered me. I'd always forget and scratch these  bumps which made them bleed and become inflamed and swollen. After using Shavers Choice my problem has cleared up altogether. All the dark spots under my chin from previous bumps have faded away as well. Shavers Choice is a life saver.

T. Kendrick, Marietta, GA

I still have the shaving gel and the after shave product from my last order a few months ago. I am anxious to get the facial cleanser pads. Shavers Choice is the best shaving product I have used.

SSgt Neal H
Kunson AB ROK

Michael, many of the players need more product.  They are really working - and I need more for myself.

A. Allen


Paul Mock
Head Athletic Trainer
Mississippi State University


Michael, Hope everything is good, the product is a SMASH!!!  I love it!
What can, or how can I get involved with it?
I am willing to let the world know about this product, I am sold on it!
I have enjoyed using Shaver's Choice shaving gel. It has really helped my sensitive skin. I hope to see it in more locations soon. When will it be available @ the Base Exchange???? It would be a lot more convenient to purchase this product @ the BX/PX. Thanks for producing such a great product....

Mike 'The Father"
Que Pasa Long Island? WNYG 1440 AM
Babylon, NY


SSgt D. Ramsey
172 AW
Jackson, MS

  I am in love with Shavers Choice...it is the bomb...peace and love ..ski ski ski  
It was a pleasure meeting you last week at Power 105.1. I must say, the shaving gel is outrageous! The funny thing is that my girlfriend noticed!!!

Ramonski Luv
Chicago, IL


Darren Pfeffer, Director of Promotions, NY, NY
WWPR-FM/Power 105.1, "Home of the Star & Buc Wild Morning Show"

I purchased your products last year at the National Athletic Trainer Association National Convention in Baltimore, MD. I have been a huge fan of yours and tell everyone I know to get your products.
OK!  I have been using the Shaver's Choice Shave System for about one month now, and I am thoroughly impressed with the products.  My face has never looked or felt better.  I am a 20 year veteran in the Marine Corps and must be well groomed every day.  I hated shaving.  This product has made a huge difference in my life.
  Christopher Ina, MA, ATC-L
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Wake Forest University

MSgt J. Rogers, US Marine Corps
Washington, DC

This is directed to Michael and all the staff at Shavers Choice. I recently ordered your product and have been using it for 2 days and I am already seeing results and I just want to say thank you all for finding this product. I am currently in the military and seeking a job as a police officer so being able to shave regular is a big part in my life. With your product I feel more comfortable about shaving and about me appearance with the results I get from this product. From shaving in the past I suffered from bad cases of razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. On my invoice that I received with my product there was a message saying "Thank you for your service" Just getting a thank you from a total stranger really hit home with me and made me feel good about serving my country in the military especially during the time of war. So once again I just want to say thank you.
I never thought I would be able to use a razor to shave but thanks to you now I can. Each of your 3 products have been a great help to me. You really know how to treat a customer with courtesy and respect and I want to let you know how much I appreciate it.
Please keep up the good work!

Charles W, Asheville, NC

Dear Shaver's Choice: 

I have used your products since early September and think its FANTASTIC.  I am interested in learning about opportunities for selling or distributing your products in Central New Jersey.  Please respond to this email if you have any information.


Anthony M, 101st Airborne, US Army

  Gary B, Neptune, NJ
You make a great product.
  These are high speed products.
  LTC B. Webb, US Army  

'Ranger' Jones, Virginia
US Army Retired

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for telling me about Shaver's Choice! I shave daily, and working in the Arizona summer's can be pretty tough on my skin. I would have problems with razor bumps that would get very irritating, literally. Since using your product, I have gotten great close shaves without the irritation.
Your Product is The Best.
Hopefully you'll catch one of our games; I'll be the clean "bald" man in the dugout !!
I have made a career out of being a professional skeptic.  Keeping to form, I didn't expect the shaving gel to reduce ingrown hairs better than other things that I have tried in the past.  However, I tried it anyway because I had figured there was nothing to lose.  After three weeks, not only have I not had a single ingrown hair or bump, but I am also getting a much closer shave with no irritation.  My wife and kids have also noticed the difference.  I want to order another tube to have on hand so that I don't have to do a day without.

Paul Lessard
Head Athletic Trainer
Arizona Diamondbacks

  Greg M.
Madison, MS
  I've used the products before and I'm about to place another order. I gave my barber the sample pack that I bought in St. Louis at our fraternity's Conclave and my barber is in love with it. He wants Clifton Blanchett to call him. His clientele is enormous. He wants to order a lot of product.  
I am the men's basketball athletic trainer here at the University of South Carolina. I met you at the NATA convention this past summer. I wanted to let you know that I have been very impressed with your Shavers Choice products , as I have used them for myself. I would like to however get some samples of your product to share with my coaches and team if at all possible. I would like to introduce them to the product.

V. Ferguson, Sumter, SC

  Dennis Williams, ATC
University of South Carolina

I have about 120 men, Company C, 1st of the 155th Infantry, and have been looking for your product here and telling my soldiers to grab it if itís ever on the shelf...above and beyond your generosity, I personally wish to stock pile 12 monthís worth of the gel if you think it will sustain in the heat for that long. I love the stuff and am struggling through a tough beard every morning right now without it. Amazing, amazing product...Thank you for your patriotism toward my men, and we are here to help as profile soldiers or testimonies or whatever will help you Ö for you are helping us! Thanks,

Please send me a second replenishment pack.  The first was awesome. 

SGM W. Williams, US Army
MNF-Iraq Surgeon's Office
Victory South, Iraq

The shaving product you sent me works good. Some of the guys here use it and they like it. But to let you know, I use it and my face is less irritated.  I appreciate you sending us the samples.

CPT A. Robertson
1/155 INF, US Army


SSG T. Totaro
1/7 CAV, US Army

I am getting excellent results even though I have not been using it consistently!!!  I am going to tell everyone.  It does not burn!!
I love your products and hope that you will soon have distribution in Australia.
  G. Reed, Newport News, VA  

D. Moretti, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

I have used Magic Shave for over 20 years.  I would bump up if I even looked at a razor.  I have been using your system for over a month and am able to shave daily without irritation.  My skin tone has improved and my skin is smooth.  Thank you for this great product.  I urge all of my brothers in Omega Psi Phi to use Shaver's Choice.
Thank goodness Shaver's Choice is now available to the military through the BX.  I got a sample at our NCO Association golf tournament and believe that they are the best on the market.  Great close shave without irritations. 

Wendell Porter, Stone Mountain, GA


Capt. R. Michaels, USAF

Your products have helped me and I would like to get them in the hands of my athletes that are having the same problems (ingrown hairs).  Thanks for providing a great product for me and my athletes.
While at the NATA convention in St. Louis I purchased a 4 oz tube of Foaming Shaving Gel and absolutely love it.

Jason Dodd
Breland's Sports Medicine Clinical Director
Head Trainer, Wichita Falls Thunder/Rustlers

Steve Rahtbone, DA, ATC,
Director of Athletic Training Education
Lee University

Great products.  This is the first product line that understands the needs of athletes suffering from Pseudofolliculitis. 

I tried  your shaving system and it is wonderful.  I'll have to order more of it.  Hopefully you'll be able to get it into more drug stores and some national chains!

Rickey Hayes III, M,SA, ATC
Director of Sports Medicine
Tuskegee University

Dr. Dale C. Bronner, Austell, GA

I have been using your product for several months and I am very happy with its performance... I think that there are several players that might be interested in a good product like this.  Thanks again.

A man's confidence is on his face.  Razor bumps and acne can destroy that. Shaver's Choice works.  It will give you a bagful of confidence.


Mark Teeples, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Baltimore Ravens

G. C. Cameron, 
Singer/Songwriter, The Temptations
(formerly of The Spinners)
Wow! The shaving gel is wonderful! I am a 63 year old male whose skin breaks out from time to time from close shaving. Not with Shaver's Choice. It's a miracle for tender facial skin. Now, using the gel for the first time today was the smoothest shave I have ever experienced. Your products "made my day", AND YOU HAVE A REAL WINNER WITH THE ADDED PRODUCTS.
The wonderful folks at Shaver's Choice sent me a few jars of Shaver's Choice After Shave Skin Therapy to test.  Not only did we try it, we took some to Randall's Barbershop.  Well the results are in and Shaver's Choice is the real deal.  It was developed to eliminate nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.   Shaver's Choice contains all natural ingredients.   This product works and we endorse it.

J. Rucker
 The Villages, FL


Gary Johnson
President,  BlackMeninAmerica.com

Excerpt from a letter written to Senators Thad Cochran and Trent Lott:

the product, Shaver's Choice, is potentially revolutionary. For years, shavers have suffered from skin irritations. For many black men, it is pain and disfigurement, not just irritation. Shaver's Choice is a product that will change the uniformed services and other industries that require men to conform to shaving standards. It will open employment and advancement opportunities to men previously discouraged by razor bumps. I use the product daily and am satisfied with the results I have received...
I have suffered from "razor skin" since I began shaving 15 years ago. In the past I would only shave every 2 or 3 days due to ingrown hairs. Now that I have been using Shaver's Choice, I can shave every day with no discomfort, razor burn or ingrown hair. I am truly amazed! I have also discovered it to relieve itching from insect bites, and help alleviate my 14-year-old's athlete's feet. This is a truly remarkable product, and I have recommended it to many of my friends who have also had amazing results. Thank you so much!

C. Doty
President, Lextron Corp


T. Womack,
Birmingham, AL

Shaver's Choice
is the best thing that ever happened to me. After using it for the first four days after I shaved, I noticed the difference in my face. This product makes your face feel softer and younger. I strongly feel that anyone who tries this product will have the same satisfying results, just as I did. 
Shavers' Choice has, by far, given me better results controlling and removing my shaving bumps than all of the other products I have tried combined! Over the 15 years that I have been shaving, nothing has come close to doing what Shaver's Choice has done. My face feels and looks better than it has since I began shaving! I strongly recommend this product to everyone with problematic shaving bumps.

E. Littleton, Jackson, MS


Lt. C. Wright, USAF

Shaver's Choice products are wonderful.
"Beat the Razor Bump Blues" with Shaver's Choice. 
We share the grief of our business partner at the loss of his brother Milton.  Milton passed on August 4, 2005 after suffering a massive stroke.

Lee Elder
Champions Tour Professional Golfer


Little Milton Campbell  
Blues Artist, Blues Hall of Fame 
Brother of Inventor John Campbell  

I am a user of Shaver's Choice, which is a blessing for my face. I have tried different products and it has been wonderful by keeping my face moist and smooth. It has kept razor bumps and irritations off my face. I can use a razor now! 
Finally, a product that helps my shaving problem. I've been looking for a product like yours for the past 20 years and I finally found it, thanks to listening to the Tom Joyner morning show. Thank you so much. 

M. Collins, 172 AW, USAF


T. Man, Lynchburg, VA

Let's put aside the hype and all the bells and whistles. Simply put, this product works!! Don't take my word for it, just try it for 5 days. Instant results guaranteed. I've tried everything on the market. This product delivers!! Thank you Shaver's Choice.
I have always had sensitive skin to the point where I could not shave on consecutive days. For the first time in my life, I have been able to shave 3 days in a row. 

W. Doyle, Bronx, NY


D. Mitchell, Pearl, MS

Hello I have just bought the after shave treatment and foaming gel and after just 1 day I look younger and my skin has improved.
I've been using Shavers' Choice for 5 weeks and noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. Shaving is not a pleasurable task, but a task made better by Shavers' Choice. I've tried many other products, but this one stands out for ease of use and results.  

(We heard back from MSgt. Johnson)
I have been stationed in the Middle East for several months.  Shaver's Choice keeps my face from drying out from the constant wind and sun.  I recommend it to all military members and anyone else who faces the elements - this product is great!

F. M. Ngomo Fernandez
Madrid, Spain


A. Johnson, USAF

I've had a razor bump problem for some time now. I tried everything. After using Shaver's Choice my skin doesn't irritate as easily and all my past razor bump scars are fading away too. Thanks Shaver's Choice.
I had some serious issues with hair bumps at my neck line. I tried Shaver's Choice for about ten days and could see a noticeable difference. I couldn't believe it. Finally, a product that really works!

I. Magee, Roswell, GA


K. Taylor,  Columbus, MS

Shavers' Choice is better than anything Iíve used before. Itís cut the itch and the bumps...Iíll keep using this product.
I recommend Shaver's Choice to anyone who has a problem shaving. It has reduced my bumps significantly.

TSgt. M. Turner, USAF


MSgt. J. McAfee, USAF  

Before I tried Shaver's Choice, the area under my chin gave me constant problems. After only two weeks of usage the skin irritations that once plagued me have dramatically lessened. I use it every morning now. Thanks for saving my face!
I was at the National Black Police Association Convention when I purchased the Skin Therapy Shaving System, not sure if it would work.  I see the results and love it.  No more dryness, rashes, hair bumps, ingrown hairs that had to be removed.  NO MORE TWEEZERS! Just smoothness.  Thank You.

R. James,  Flowood, MS 

  B. Demby, Miami, FL

I am excited about using your product!!!  It is the only product that I found that has almost eliminated the bumps on my neck within a month.  Another thing I am proud of is that it is produced in my state, MS!!!  Thanks again for finally finding a solution to those ugly razor bumps.

I have used a lot of gels and foamy products over the years, but none have ever given me as smooth, close, and comfortable shave as Slick! Shave Gel.  It feels like I am shaving with my fingertips - no nicks, no razor burn, and no more ingrown hairs and 'cherry bumps'.  I will never again be without it.

O. Williams, Hattiesburg, MS

M. Van Velkinburgh, MSgt (E7), USAF

A friend gave me a sample of your shave gel and after shave products.  I am a recruiter in the Air Force and have to wear a tie daily.  For years I have had severe neck irritation, but no more.  The shave is so smooth that my whiskers don't rub on my collar.  The after shave cleared me up in two days and has completely eliminated the razor burn and itching.  Since my wife started using it we need two tubes at our house.

Thanks for one of the finest products I have ever found.  I hope you can get it in AAFES.

Shavers' Choice is a skin wonder for the face. My razor bumps are gone.  

SMSgt. O. D Tillman, USAF  

Michael, I have had the opportunity to use the system.  Based on my experience, I must agree, it was both exceptionally smooth and comfortable.  And the results were excellent.  My impression is that you've developed a great product offering with a lot of potential.

M. Reid, SMSgt, USAF

E. James
Memphis, TN

I have used your products for a year now and still get a great shave without razor bumps and ingrown hair.  Any man who shaves his head needs these products.

I really like your Shave Gel.  I'll spread the word.

Clifton Blanchett
Professional Angler
Glendale, CA

Mike 'Radar' Ricke
Asst Athletic Trainer
Texas A & M University Athletics

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