Frequently Asked Questions
Is Shaver's Choice just for men? 
Like any great product, Skin Therapy Shaving System cannot be confined to a man's shaving kit.  Forty percent of our sales via the Internet are to women for ingrown hair irritation of the legs, bikini line, and underarms.  Men, if you keep your Shave Gel in the shower, it will mysteriously disappear.  Look for our women's line to debut in retail stores nationwide in 2009 under the names Silk Shave Gel and Smooth Skin Therapy for ladies.  We will be offering a lotion (Satin) for women as well.
I get bumps on the back of my neck. Will your product work on those bumps as well? 
Pseudofolliculitis can occur anywhere on the body that hair grows.  The reason it is so common on the back of the neck is because of the irritation of collars.  Yes, Skin Therapy Shaving System by Shaver's Choice can be applied to the hairline to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair.
How does Smooth! Skin Therapy work for razor bumps?
Smooth! Skin Therapy works to straighten and strengthen the hair in the follicle, allowing the hair to grow straight out of the skin, rather than curling beneath the skin. It also works to soften the skin, making it easier for the hair to exit the skin thus reducing the occurrence of 'intrafollicular' razor bumps and ingrown hair.

How do Shaver's Choice skin care products work with sensitive skin?  

Because our products are made of the highest quality natural ingredients, there are no chemical ingredients with which to react. They are colorless and painless to use! Shaver's Choice products go on creamy, rub into the skin, leaving nothing but soft skin.

When will your skin care products be available in stores?  

They are already in stores, primarily in Mississippi (our home state), Los Angeles, Detroit, NYC and in the military exchange system (AAFES). The introduction of Skin Therapy Shaving System by Shaver's Choice in January 2007 is taking SC3 worldwide.  We have received commitments from some of the largest retailers in America for placement on their shelves.  You will see the repackaged line with new names:  Swipe! Cleansing Towelettes, Slick! Shave Gel, and Smooth! Skin Therapy.  If stores in your area do not yet carry Shaver's Choice, ask them to contact us.

How long will 1 ounce of the Smooth! Skin Therapy last? 

Men - use Smooth! Skin Therapy very sparingly! A little goes a long way. For example, when used by a man on his shaving wedge twice a day, a 1-ounce tube will last over 30 days. 

How much Smooth! Skin Therapy should I use? 

Twice a day, every day, apply a small amount to the affected area in a circular motion. If after rubbing into the skin for 20-30 seconds it still feels oily, you have applied too much. Wipe off excess. 

How is Slick! Shave Gel different from other gels, creams, and foamies on the market?
       A polymer lifts the hair (straightening it) and expands it (or weakens it) so that you get a blunt cut on the tip
        which is less likely to re-enter the skin.  The glycerin and lanolin protect skin from the blades, reducing nicks and
        cuts.  The menthol dries the hair straight (similar to a barber using witch hazel or menthol after trim work) to resist natural curl.
        Therefore, if you shave daily with Slick! Shave Gel
, clinical tests prove that you will eliminate over 70% of ingrown hairs.
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