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Hello Brenda,
Thank you for the samples of the shaving gel. I have used it and W-O-W great stuff! I could not believe how soft and silky my legs felt.

My husband and the 1/7 Calvary Unit in Iraq will absolutely love it and appreciate the kind gesture!
We will definitely look for it on the shelves here at Fort Hood/Killeen, Texas.

Thank you for introducing me to your "Shaver's Choice"!!!

Loyal customer,

Lynnette Totaro, Killeen, TX

Love your product! Is there anywhere in Dallas that stocks the shaving gel and after shave product?
E. Gartner, Dallas, TX

I first used the product when the inventor gave me a couple of hand-labeled jars back when he was still concocting it in a commercial-sized coffee pot.  I've used the product on both my underarm and bikini areas to prevent bumps, and believe me ladies it helps to avert razor bumps in these very sensitive areas. Borrow a little from your husband, or better yet, get a jar of your own.
Sheila Hamblin-(Kern) Windom
Your products are great for my bikini bumps!  Are they available in stores in Southern CA?

C. Nakamura, Los Angeles, CA


I love the shaving gel and aftershave so much that I really wish I had enough to last me because that 1/3oz. of shaving cream goes a long way but I use it on a large area and would want to use it often.  I am so impressed with the product and my skin loves it too:-) again thank you so much:-)

A. Nelson, Bellingham, WA

I just want to say how much I love your products. I use your shaving gel for my legs and underarms.  It is much better than soap.  I get such a close smooth shave every time.  Because I have very thin, baby fine hair, I started using the gel on my hair as a shampoo.  Believe it or not, it makes my hair fuller and my beautician has stated that I have a lot of new hair growth especially at my crown were it was the thinnest. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product.

D. Bullock, Brandon, MS


Shaver's Choice has cleared up the irritation caused by my shaving (bumps & dryness).  I heard of some of the successes people have had with other skin problems, so one night, I picked up your product and applied it to the psoriasis on my feet. Rheumatoid arthritis had caused cracking and bleeding for over two years.  Within four days, the cracks were healed and at the end of two weeks my feet looked like normal again.  I will never again be without it. Thank you!

E. Lea, Clearwater, FL


I shave nearly every day. I do a pretty complete shave which has always caused painful red bumps.  That used to be a problem because when I shaved daily, the bumps wouldn't heal by the time I needed to shave. Shaver's Choice is better than anything I've used before.  The bumps are gone - It's a miracle!

M. Beyer, Pearl, MS 


I used my husbandís Shavers' Choice and itís relieved all the itching associated with my shaving.  You should market it to women, also.  

L. Martin, Stonefort, IL


My husband was given a sample of Shaver's Choice to try and he loves it! He is a redhead and has very sensitive skin. If he goes over a day without shaving, his chin area gets very red and irritated. He is a police officer and the only facial hair they are allowed to have is a mustache. When he is off work for a few days he likes to grow a goatee, but when it is time to shave it he is left with a terrible red rash that takes days to go away. Since he started using Shaver's Choice, he hasn't had that rash at all. So needless to say, I will be a regular customer at the Super D here in Pearl to keep him supplied in your product.  It's great for women, too!

K. Thompson, Pearl, Mississippi

It's not just for men!  No more itching and discomfort from shaving bumps. from shaving my pussy.

K. Benford, USAF

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Beat The Bikini Bump Blues for bikini line, pussy shaving, women's leg shaving, or a head shave.

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