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Slick! Shave Gel, razor bump prevention,
"The smoothest, most comfortable shave I've ever had!"  That's what men and women of all skin types are saying about Slick! Shave Gel.  Not only is it comfortable, Slick! Shave Gel prevents razor bumps, bikini bumps and ingrown hairs.  Clinical tests at the University of Pennsylvania proved this product reduces razor bumps by 70%!
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A special blend of lanolin and glycerin coat your skin for the most comfortable shave you’ve ever experienced.  While Shaver’s Choice Shave Gel lifts and degrades the strength of your hair for a cleaner cut, it penetrates each hair strand so that long after you’ve shaved, the special formula keeps your hairs straight after they dry resisting natural curl that causes razor bumps, bikini bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Apply a dime-size amount in the palm of your hand and with a splash of water work into a lather.  Apply to your shaving area in a circular motion and let set for 20 - 30 seconds.  Using the razor of your choice, make long stokes from the sideburns down to the chin, and up the neck to the jaw, for a close and comfortable shave.  Another splash of water to the fingertips will reactivate lather to catch any hairs you might have missed. You are on your way to fewer razor bumps and bikini bumps.

Rinse off or just towel off - Shaver's Choice can be used effectively in field conditions where running water is scarce.  Reduce profiles for razor bumps!

Best results are achieved by applying a small amount of  Smooth! Skin Therapy by Shaver's Choice after shaving.  Used in combination you are going to see a dramatic drop in the number of ingrown hairs, razor bumps or bikini bumps.

Note: Men whose skin is not accustomed to the use of a razor may have an initial flare-up of shaving irritation (razor bumps).  Skin Therapy Shaving System will work for you, but you are going to have 7 - 10 days of initial conditioning.  After that, shaving will be as easy as breathing.  (Follow these links for instructions for chemical shaving and clipper/electric razor shaving.)

 - Beat The Razor Bump Blues with Skin Therapy Shaving System!

Smooth Skin Therapy prevents razor burn, razor bumps and itching

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