Rules For Shaving With Razors

1. To fight common bacteria you should first of all carefully sterilize all razors with alcohol or an antiseptic solution.  Bacteria is a leading cause of infection of ingrown hairs, bikini bumps, and razor bumps.  Cleanse your face with Shaver’s Choice Pre-Shave Facial Towelettes (Soon to be repackaged as Swipe! Cleansing Towelettes).

2. Wet face and hands.  Squeeze a dime size amount of Shaver's Choice Shave Gel into palm of hand and lather well all areas which are to be shaved.  Shaver’s Choice Shave Gel (soon to be repackaged as Slick! Shave Gel) combines lanolin and glycerin with our exclusive hair straightening ingredient for the smoothest, closest shave.  If you want more lather, add MORE WATER - NOT MORE GEL. (Expect a slick lather, not a heavy foam.)

3. Shave with steady strokes starting high by the ears and moving inwards toward the chin. This motion helps because the hairs are toughest at the front of the chin and it allows those to be exposed to the Shave Gel longest and become softer. The blade must remain as clean as possible, so rinse it in hot water after each pass.  Because the hair is standing out straight, you can feel free to shave in any direction (with or against the grain) in order to get the closest shave without the fear of irritations.

4. Make sure you haven't overlooked any unseen hairs by wetting fingertips and feeling your shaving area.  The little bit of water on your fingertips will reactivate the lather.  Shave any missed hairs, rinse your face with cool water and wipe dry. (Rinsing is an option.  Shaver's Choice is an excellent product for field conditions.)

5. Apply a very small amount of Shaver’s Choice After Shave Skin Therapy by massaging into the skin with circular motions. Do not rinse face after applying. For best results, use Twice Per Day!  This process will prevent over 70% of recurring razor bumps, bikini bumps, and other irritations.


Rules for Shaving with Chemicals

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