Pseudofolliculitis Barbae


Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) is the "acne-like" breakout commonly referred to as "razor bumps" or "shaving bumps". As naturally curly hairs begin to grow back after shaving, waxing or plucking, they get trapped inside the follicle, resulting in irritation and swelling. The results - inflammation in the hair follicle. Anyone can get shaving bumps, but they're more common in people with curly hair. The pictures below represent the severity of PFB. 


razor bumps and ingrown hairs will clear up with Shaver's Choice skin care products


Shaver's Choice prevents razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs and itching

  Razor bumps and ingrown hair are prevented with Shaver's Choice skin care products  


Shaver's Choice Skin Care products prevent razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair and itching


Beat the Razor Bump Blues with Shaver's Choice Skin Care products



Most skin care products that claim to "cure" PFB and ingrown hairs have acid, alcohol and other chemicals to exfoliate the skin (not to mention your hands if you don't wash them thoroughly!). While this may work short term, it is actually compounding the problem by drying and hardening the skin.

Shaver's Choice Slick! Shave Gel lifts and softens hair for a smooth, comfortable shave while it's ingredients straighten the hair to resist natural curl for the next day's growth cycle.  Smooth! Skin Therapy work below skin level to straighten and strengthen the hair so that it comes out of the follicle straight and at the same time they are working to soften the skin, which has been a "barrier" to the trapped hairs. We know of no skin care products that cure Pseudofolliculitis, including our own. 

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