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July 17, 2002, 2 p.m. CST


SC3, manufacturer of Shaver’s Choice After Shave Skin Therapy, shipped over $5,000 worth of donated product in early July to deployed troops in Southwest Asia.  Major Richard Bean of the Army’s Central Command said, “I put an email out that it was available and had several units reply back immediately.  It is such a needed item in the arid environment and the 2 oz. jar will fit in a rucksack.”


Michael Van Velkinburgh, VP of Operations for the Madison, MS based SC3, is a military member himself.  “I wanted SC3 to make a contribution to the war effort.  My unit has had members in that area of the world, and it’s hard on the skin.  We have a product that will make it easier for the troops. It was an easy decision to make the donation.”


Shaver’s Choice, as its name would indicate, is a solution for shaving problems such as razor bumps, ingrown hairs, itching and burning.  The arid conditions of a desert climate and the military shaving policy combine for a painful experience for many men.  Shaver’s Choice will help manage not only the loss of oils in the skin, but condition the shaving area and hair follicles to aid in prevention of irritations from shaving.


Unlike other after-shave products, Shaver’s Choice has no harsh acids or alcohol that burn or irritate the skin.  “The other products that are on store shelves exfoliate skin with acids and alcohol.  For a black man, this only makes the razor bump problem worse over time.  I wanted to develop a product that would address the cause, not just symptoms,” says John Campbell, inventor of Shaver’s Choice.  Over 30 years of research went into developing Shaver’s Choice to make it a soothing cream suitable for all skin types.  What Mr. Campbell, a native of Inverness, MS, didn’t know was the effect his invention would have on other skin problems.  Sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and seborrhea are reporting total management of their symptoms. 


“We are working with some doctors to complete clinical testing to find out why Shaver’s Choice is eliminating the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis”, according to Van Velkinburgh.  “As soon as we can get that information to the FDA for approval, we will market an anti-itch product named ‘Miracle’.  That’s the word most commonly used by sufferers of skin disorders that are itch-free after just a couple applications.” 


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