Rules for Shaving with Clippers

1. Cleanse the skin of shaving wedge with Shaver’s Choice Pre-Shave Cleansing Towelettes.  To fight common bacteria you should carefully sterilize all blades or razor heads by boiling or with alcohol or an antiseptic solution.  Bacteria can cause infection of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

2. Lather well all areas, which are to be shaved.  Shaver’s Choice Foaming Shave Gel combines lanolin and glycerin with our exclusive hair straightening ingredients for a smooth, comfortable shave.  To use, squeeze dime size amount in palm of hand, wet other hand and work into desired lather.  Apply to shaving area and let set for 30 seconds. Wipe dry. Carefully Shave.  (We are working on a new pre-shave splash product for use with clippers and electric razors - until then our shave gel will give you a closer shave than dry shaving and will straighten hair to prevent razor bumps).

3. Rinse with cool tap water. This helps to stop any bleeding and reduces the pain of small nicks and irritation.  Towel dry before applying skin therapy.

4. Apply Shaver’s Choice After Shave Skin Therapy by massaging a very small amount into the skin in a circular motion. Do not rinse the face after applying. For added protection, use Twice Per Day! This will quickly heal existing razor bumps and razor burn and prevent future occurrences.

5. Rinse the heads and blades of clippers or electric razor with hot water.

Rules for Shaving with Chemicals

Rules for Shaving with Razors

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