Rules for Chemical Shaving

*NOTE: If problems already exist as the result of using chemicals to shave, apply Shaver’s Choice After Shave Skin Therapy each day for two to three days prior to shaving. This allows you to shave with less irritation and will quickly heal existing razor bumps.

1. Do not wash or clean the face prior to using shaving chemicals. This will allows the top layer of old skin to act as a barrier to the harsh chemicals coming in contact with the skin.

2. Apply a thin layer of Slick! Shave Gel to beard area.  Dermatologists recommend that using products containing Propylene Glycol, one of the ingredients in Slick! Shave Gel, better protects the skin against burning.  The menthol in Slick! Shave Gel hardens the hair straight to resist natural curl as your hair grows back.

3. Shave as usual.

4. Rinse off all remaining shaving chemicals with cool tap water.

5. Blot the face dry with a towel.

6. Cleanse skin with Swipe! Towelettes to neutralize any remaining acids and kill germs and bacteria.  Swipe! Towelettes deep cleans the skin - use on neck to prevent ring-around-the-collar.

7. Apply Shaver’s Choice After Shave Skin Therapy by massaging a very small amount into the skin with circular motions. Do not rinse the face after applying. For added protection, use Twice Per Day! Our skin therapy will stop the itching and prevent razor bumps and razor burn.


Rules for Shaving with Razors

Rules for Shaving with Clippers


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