Imagine the best shave of your life; every day of your life.
Join actors, military members, musicians, professional and collegiate athletes who Beat the Razor Bump Blues.  Shaver's Choice Skin Therapy Shaving System works in three simple steps:

Cleanses skin, kills germs and bacteria that can cause infection of razor bumps.

Super-Lubricating - Straightens hair to resist hair curling back into your skin.
Clinically proven to prevent over 70% of ingrown hairs.
                                       *The name 'Slick! Shave Gel' is not affiliated or sponsored by HeadBlade Company, LLC.

Prevents razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn and itching. Contains no acid or alcohol.


Prevent ingrown hairs,razor bumps, and razor burn

Shaver's Choice is the FIRST and ONLY system that treats ALL the causes of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn, itching and pain without the sting and burn of acids and alcohol.  By treating causes rather than symptoms, Shaver's Choice actually prevents razor bumps and other shaving irritations.  Click on the product names for more information.

Watch for product giveaways in upcoming National Examiner magazine and Hype Hair magazine.

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Here's how we're different than our competitors!!

With our products, you can use clippers, razor or depilatory!
With our products, it doesn't have to burn to work!
Our products have been clinically tested to reduce over 80% of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn and other shaving irritations
Our products are customer proven; over 80% of our customers purchase again
Our products are effective in eliminating and preventing Pseudofolliculitis Barbae
Our products are effective for both men AND women of ALL skin types.

Shaver's Choice products are available at all 14
 Feel Beauty Supply Stores in the NY City burroughs.

Click on your state to find new stores carrying Shaver's Choice products.

Call stores before making the trip as shelf stock in this economy changes.

Beat The Razor Bump Blues everywhere in the US
Here's another great testimonial from
Members of the Facebook group 'Skin Therapy Shaving System by Shaver's Choice' get additional savings with online coupons.

Shaver's Choice Rocks! click for photo

Calling all Military!!  Look for Slick! Shave Gel by Shaver's Choice in larger BX/PXs.

Because of the forced shave policy in the military, Shaver's Choice is the choice of many active duty military members to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn. Click here to read some of their testimonials.


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